High-Quality Components and Single Parts with Special Properties

We produce components for a wide range of uses and fields of application. During this process, we attach particular importance to precision, meticulous workmanship and high-quality packaging.


Our CNC milling machines and lathes can manufacture ultra-small components made of ceramics, plastics and non-ferrous metals. The materials we process include:


  1. Ceramic materials such as Macor, Shapal, Mykroy and bBoron nNitride
  2. Plastics such as PMMA, PET, PVC and PEEK
  3. Non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, silver, titanium, gold, platinum or platinum-rhodium


As well as producing prototypes and single parts for our clients, we also carry out series production. Please feel free to get in touch with us. We will be glad to help and advise you in choosing the right product or base material for your needs.

High-Quality Components