High-Performance Properties in Ceramic Materials and Components

Virtually no other material can withstand such extreme external effects. Ceramics are very resistant to elevated temperatures and to a range of chemicals, are vacuum compatible and much more.


Our processing portfolio for ceramic materials is based on a wide range of materials including Macor, Shapal, Mykroy and boron nitride. We can therefore ensure that the ceramic material used is the best choice for every application.


A high-performance ceramic, which is extremely versatile and can withstand heavy loads. Macor is heat-resistant up to 1000°C and is also non-porous, making this glass ceramic the ideal choice for vacuum applications. We can manufacture your Macor parts to the highest precision.


Shapal (aluminium nitride), a machinable ceramic, is heat resistant at up to 1000°C in oxidising environments and at up to 1900°C in non-oxidising environments. This material is a good electrical insulator with high mechanical robustness and low thermal expansion. It is resistant to thermal shock at up to 400°C. We can manufacture your Shapal parts in complex structures.

Mykroy 400/500/1100

his material is a glass-bonded mica ceramic. It is a high-quality material for maximum-precision insulation. Mykroy is asbestos-free and is pressure resistant, impact resistant and temperature resistant up to 595°C.


Heat resistant up to 850°C and with good thermal conductivity, this material has lubricant and anisotropic properties (e.g. plasticity, elasticity, hardness, strength), earning it the name of “white graphite”. Thanks to its good heat conductivity and low thermal expansion, boron nitride is also highly resistant to thermal shock. We can make the parts you require out of boron nitride.